About us

Monde Nissin is on a path to discovery. One that never ends. The future is relentless. So are we. We build without limits. Unrestrained in creativity and ambition.

We’ll bend the rules but only after we have mastered them. And always without ego. Our diverse minds are more powerful when we put them together. Even across borders we are connected by collaborative thinking. Our responsibilities are global, but our roots are at home. Relationships are everything. Fuelled by curiosity, we’re quick to market, but take time to build our brands. Because we’re always creating ahead, for future generations. We’re enemies of dated and siloed thinking, the boring and bland. We believe bravery is everything. Because that’s how you take on the future, in the present. Monde Nissin Australia. Future Now.

Our capabilities

From manufacturing our own brands through to distributing our agency partners, our network is expansive and continues to grow.

Our brands

From Menora to Black Swan, Nudie, Wattle Valley, Peckish and Quorn Monde Nissin Australia has a lot going on.

Sounds cliché, but every day is different. We’re growing fast. Super fast. Everyone sees the bigger picture, but is free to be themselves. To get on with it and explore fresh ideas.
We try new things, fail fast, learn and move forward. At MNA, we’re shaping a new future to challenge the food industry.

Curious about working with us?